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About us

Anusha and Deepti

Meet the founders

Anusha and Deepti have been friends for almost 15 years since first meeting in business school. Besides being friends, they are complementary in their professional skills and experiences and over the last few years, felt their entrepreneurial desires getting stronger. Helping parents provide the best all around education for their children seemed like the perfect opportunity to collaborate.

Anusha grew up in India but had a chance to study in the UK and US before returning to Mumbai where she now lives with her husband and two adorable daughters. Anusha has seen first hand the challenges parents face today to provide a personalized education for their children while balancing busy personal and professional lives. Over the last few years, Anusha has built and scaled e-commerce businesses focused on children’s’ clothing and plans to leverage those learnings into solving additional problems that parents like her face.

Deepti grew up in the US and has spent the last few years in Europe. While they look to start a family of their own, she and her husband have been surrounded by friends who as parents are constantly balancing their personal and professional lives. This has allowed her a view into the challenges they face and empathize with their pain. Over her career, Deepti has built products at a few well known tech companies in San Francisco and most recently, led an online marketplace that helps companies and individuals find inspiring places to work and meet. She hopes to take her learnings from the past to build an easy to use online platform for parents to quickly find the best options to help their children become well rounded individuals.

How it all started

The idea of LessonLeap was born when Anusha was struggling to find interesting classes to keep her 6 and 8 year old occupied as her city started getting locked down to combat the coronavirus crisis. Her niece - in a different city - had just been enrolled in an art class that had moved online as a result of the crisis - given location was no longer an issue - Anusha signed up her girls. They LOVED the class and she got a few hours to get her work accomplished more easily - a big win for everyone!

This got Anusha thinking about signing her kids up for more interesting classes and the ability to access classes without regard to whether it was located in her neighborhood. How great would it be if her girls could work with an awesome drama teacher from London or do a great stop motion animation class from New York in addition to the art class from Chennai?! Conversations with friends (across geographies!) made her realize that the need to keep kids engaged and entertained and the hunt for good classes and teachers and the pain of sorting through physical logistics was a common need.

When she went online to try and find information - she was astonished to find that no comprehensive sites existed that could help her. She complained about it to her friend Deepti - an expert in building and running marketplaces and they decided to go ahead and build one themselves!