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Flexible schedule

Earn during non-peak teaching hours in your home country


Teach as you like

Bring your own unique teaching style to our lesson plans


Monetize your talent

Earn up to $25/hr based on your experience

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Expert international teachers

"My teaching journey with Lesson Leap has been a joy! I love expressing my creativity in planning unique lessons that engage learners and connect cultures. Better yet, the team is incredibly supportive."
Ms. Barbara
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"The LessonLeap team are so easy to work with, and are very helpful in scheduling various teaching opportunities. The students I’ve taught have been well above average and fun to teach."
Ms. Cheryl
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Trusted by parents

Ms. Cheryl is a great teacher. Always pleasant and punctual. My son loved the sessions.

Archana D, mom of a 7 year old

I love Ms. Karmen. Thanks for suggesting. It is not perfect art but it's totally hers and this fact makes me happy. Can't thank you enough.

Archana K, mom of a 6 year old

My son thoroughly enjoyed the class with Ms. Barbara today, looking forward to the rest of the classes.

Reina, mom of a 7 year old

Guided art class with Ms. Karmen is something Z looks forward to every week!

Grace, mom of a 5 year old

We just finished our first session - it was truly amazing and my daughter loves Ms. Cheryl!

Palak, mom of a 6 year old

Really enjoying classes by LessonLeap. Interactive, challenging and super fun way of storytelling with Ms. Barbara!

Chandni, mom of a 6 year old

My son absolutely loves the class with Ms. Cheryl! Cant wait to try more classes like this.

Priya, mom of a 9 year old

The boys really enjoyed the class and they loved Ms. Cheryl.

Dia, mom of a 12 and 8 year old

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You might be wondering

What is LessonLeap?
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LessonLeap is an education platform that offers high quality, small group, online classes to help school-aged kids develop critical life skills. Our classes have a strong focus on soft skills like communication, creativity, curiosity and teamwork. We are currently offering courses for students in India and are helping teachers from across the world earn additional income during their off-peak teaching hours. We handle all administrative tasks allowing teachers to give their full attention to delighting our students. All classes are conducted live via Zoom and taught in English.

What do I need to teach with LessonLeap?
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All teachers we work with have prior teaching experience. That said we don't need any particular degree or certification; please highlight your teaching experiencing in the application form. We expect our teachers to be passionate about teaching, full of energy and positivity and help their learners grow. While we primarily work with individual teachers, we have previously worked with organizations too. Asides from this, you will require a computer device, good internet connection and the Zoom app on your computer to teach with us.

What is the application process and how long does it take?
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Once you have shared the basic info via "Get started", we will be in touch with next steps that includes a simple application form to learn more about you and your teaching experiences and style to gauge fit with our platform. You can expect to hear from us in 2-3 working days post submission of the application form.

How much can I earn?
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All our classes are priced between US$8-10 per hour per student. This is to ensure we can offer market pricing in India. We run 4 to 6 week courses with one class per week. If you are planning to teach with your own curriculum, we work on a commission model and take a 30% commission for our efforts. You can set a minimum batch size to ensure the class is worth your time. The minimum class sizes on our platform range from 2 to 4 students. You are free to determine the activities, class structure and teaching style. If you are planning to teach with the LessonLeap curriculum, we have a flat hourly rate of $20 per hour for teacher early in their career and $25 per hour for teachers with more than 10 years experience.

When and how are payments made?
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We release full payments for a particular course within 7-10 days of the first class. Payments are made via PayPal or bank transfer.

How soon can I expect enrollments for my course?
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Based on previous experiences we have noticed that it takes ~30 days before a new course is ready to start. Any existing parent reviews and video snippets that you can share to showcase your course can help us further promote your courses to ensure minimum enrollments.

What class timings work well on LessonLeap?
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Most students in India have schools and other activities in the first half of weekdays. Considering the time difference, the following hours work best: Weekdays - 11:00am to 2:00pm GMT Weekends - 5:00am to 2:00pm GMT

Who sets up the Zoom link and other administrative tasks?
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Teachers love us because we handle all the non-classroom related tasks including marketing, setting up and sending out Zoom links, sending class reminders, processing payments, communicating homework etc. This allows our teachers to focus on the curriculum and their students. You do not need a Zoom account to teach with us.

How can I reach out to LessonLeap should need any last minute help?
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Our team is easily contactable via email and WhatsApp. We usually have a team member available to join the class on short notice and help should you have any troubles.