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We guide students to reach English fluency through play-based learning and by combining world-renowned models of instruction like TPR (Total physical response) and SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) with the standards of Cambridge’s Speaking Exams

High expectations & strong results
Cambridge’s Speaking exams are an example of best-practices for English assessments. Our program is grounded on this framework and our lessons are designed to help students excel in international speaking exams.
When students move, they learn!
TPR is a proven method to help language learners retain new vocabulary words by eliciting psychomotor connections. This means that when a new vocabulary word is taught, students learn a body movement related to this new word.
Focus on design and delivery
The SIOP Model is a research-based teaching model that is student-centered and where English learners have opportunities to use language in authentic ways, collaborating with peers and applying the material to meet the lesson’s objectives.

We are complementary to regular school language learning

Our accelerated path to fluency
School methods
Our accelerated path to fluency
We prepare kids for a global world
We complement formal language instruction that primarily focuses on reading and writing
We enable kids to have rich conversations
For non-native English speaking families, we offer kids the chance to practice listening and speaking
We give kids confidence
Kids build confidence to speak fluently when they can talk about every day activities in English

Why our method works?

LessonLeap method
Immersive English lessons. With expert teacher guidance, students stay in the target language for the whole class.
Native English teachers with impressive ESL credentials guide students to achieve their learning potential.
Students learn through songs, interactive games, stories, and videos.
Lessons are designed around community learning because we believe in the value of small group instruction and connecting with peers from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
Students learn vocabulary in the context of the theme instead of in isolation.
Students speak English in its natural form to help them prepare for real-world situations.

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